ZARTUSTRA is Farid Telefoni, a graphic designer specializing in branding, naming, logo design. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, the studio works with different clients looking to improve brand perception and engagement.

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I am an entrepreneur.
Working as a Freelance graphic designer for the last five years, and through branding startups, I understand where businesses are coming from, and what matters to them.

I am selective.
I work only with clients who are willing to approach branding strategically, are passionate about what they do, and preferably are looking for long-term relationships.

I am not cheap.
I am also not too expensive. I don’t have the overhead of large agencies, while having more branding experience than many small graphic design studios. I offer a balance between experience and cost that is compelling for many companies.

His calm, organized process made the project feel effortless and quite fun, I was always excited to see what he came up with next. Most importantly, I know there was a solid thought process behind every decision.

Kenneth Wisler, WE DESIGN, Upbeat Music

I am strategic.
I am a believer in process, and strategically led brand decisions. Effective design comes from research and not creative whims.

I am focussed.
I only partner with startups engaging in brand creation, or with companies wanting to better influence how their existing brand is perceived.

I am passionate.
I know my success is intertwined with that of my clients and do all I can to thrill them. Branding is about creating passionate relationships. The passion a company (employees, owners, stakeholders) feels towards its brand is as important as the way your clients feel about it. Strengthening these relationships is what branding is all about.

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Photo of Farid Telefoni, Aarhus Graphic Designer

Lives in: Aarhus, Denmark (wants to live just outside Barcelona by the sea).

Works with: Clients all over.

Experience: Graphic designer: 12 yrs.

Likes: Simplicity.

Dislikes: Designing without a purpose.

Looking for: People that are passionate about what they do.

Believes: Branding must be driven by strategy.

Hobbies: Processed Identity, Music Composition, Playing the Guitar, Travel, Gastronomy, Football (with my boys).